Sunday, 17 April 2016

next-x-fiscal-years Query - FetchXML Query

The following example shows a FetchXML expression that finds all opportunities with an estimated close date in the next three fiscal years, based on the organization’s fiscal year settings.
  1. <fetch>
  2. <entity name="opportunity">
  3. <attribute name="name"/>
  4. <filter type="and">
  5. <condition attribute="estimatedclosedate" operator="next-x-fiscal-years" value="3"/>
  6. </filter>
  7. </entity>
  8. </fetch>
To create next-x-fiscal-years FetchXML query:
  • In condition attribute set operator keyword to next-x-fiscal-years.
    <condition attribute="createdon" operator="in-fiscal-year" value="2013"/>
  • Specify value of x in value attribute of condition tag.
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