Saturday, 16 April 2016

Complete List Of FetchXML Operators

FetchXML Complete Reference:
FetchXML OperatorDescritption
ltLess Than
gtGreater Than
leLess Than or Equal To
geGreater Than or Equal To
neNot Equals
neqNot Equal To
nullDoes Not Contain Data
not-nullContains Data
inIs In
not-inIs Not In
not-betweenIs Not Between
not-likeNot Like
next-seven-daysNext Seven Days
last-seven-daysLast Seven Days
next-weekNext Week
last-weekLast Week
this-monthThis Month
last-monthLast Month
next-monthNext Month
on-or-beforeOn or Before
on-or-afterOn on After
this-yearThis Year
last-yearLast Year
next-yearNext Year
eq-useridEquals Current User
ne-useridDoes Not Equal Current User
eq-businessidEquals Current Business Unit
ne-businessidDoes Not Equal Current Business Unit
this-weekThis Week
last-x-monthsLast X Months
eq-userlanguageEquals User Language
eq-userteamsEquals Current User’s Teams
in-fiscal-yearIn Fiscal Year
in-fiscal-periodIn Fiscal Period
in-fiscal-period-and-yearIn Fiscal Period and Year
in-or-after-fiscal-period-and-yearIn or After Fiscal Period and Year
in-or-before-fiscal-period-and-yearIn or Before Fiscal Period and Year
last-fiscal-yearLast Fiscal Year
this-fiscal-yearThis Fiscal Year
next-fiscal-yearNext Fiscal Year
last-x-fiscal-yearsLast X Fiscal Years
next-x-fiscal-yearsNext X Fiscal Years
last-fiscal-periodLast Fiscal Period
this-fiscal-periodThis Fiscal Period
next-fiscal-periodNext Fiscal Period
last-x-fiscal-periodsLast X Fiscal Periods
next-x-fiscal-periodsNext X Fiscal Periods

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